Wednesday 18 August 2010



Filigree cushion

As you can see I've been having fun making more cushions, but I wanted to drop in here to tell you that Show & Tell is coming early this month!!! My lovely guest is away next week when the interview would usually be posted so we're putting it up early so she'll be around to see it. So this month's Show & Tell will be posted this Friday!

I say this every month but its true again, you are going to love this interview. My guest is another wonderful blogger with a great individual voice, a great way of looking at things and some inspirational crafting. I'm looking forward to sharing her answers :-)

I might pop back again tomorrow to show you what else I've been up to, but make sure you come back on Friday for sure, for Show & Tell.


  1. Love your cushion embroidery. I make a LOT of pillow/cushion/lovey pieces for the kidlets, me and our CatCat.


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