Thursday, 23 September 2010


yellow daisies

 An exciting and exhausting week here at Flower Press, a few surprises afoot and its only Thursday. Thank you all for another great response to the Show & Tell series. I'm always really touched by your support :-)

No I haven't forgotten I owe part three of photo posting, it is in the works, and I promised a giveaway, stay tuned. School holidays start tomorrow though so things will slow down somewhat here. I'm looking forward to it, we have family coming to stay and a trip to the mountains planned.

A friend and I had booked a whole posse of friends in for dinner out tomorrow night only to find out the guest of honour isn't in town till next month! Looks like a quiet night on the couch instead. I think I need it.

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  1. school hols has slowed me down this week. One more week to go. Love the photo the yellow is so vibrant.


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