Friday, 10 September 2010

flower press website

Its taken me far too long (I've just looked and it was two years ago when I put up a 'temporary' page!) but at last I have some proper web pages up at

It is now the place to go to see a bit more information about me and my little business. I'm hoping it will continue to grow and change with time, and I'm still playing with the design, images and links, but I thought it was time to share :-)

I've spent today tweaking the files, making sure all the links work but I would love some help roadtesting it on different machines and browsers - so if you have a moment I would love it if you go to and take a spin around the pages, see what works, what's broke, what's missing. I'd love to hear if you find a glitch, or something that doesn't look right, what have I left out? Just leave a message in the comments or email me.

Which reminds me, I'd really like to welcome all the new followers and subscribers who have joined flowerpress recently. Its always so nice having new visitors, commenters and new blogs to visit. Thanks too to all the lovely peeps who visit regularly and always leave such lovely messages. It always makes me smile and helps keep me creative. Have a great weekend.


  1. All in perfect snazzy working order from where I'm sitting!

  2. I had a lovely look around your site, it is very user friendly and I like the layout & design. Good links too. It was hard to find any glitches..not even one! xo

  3. Well done Susie! It's a great looking site, very inviting and informative and works really well from my end (using Firefox on my mac).

  4. i had a quick look {always rushing} and it looks great!
    good on you for getting it done :)

  5. Beautiful designs. All working at my end. Charmaine


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