Wednesday 10 November 2010


rosa mutabilis
walking iris

Freelensing is just what it sounds like - shooting photos with the lens removed and held in position in front of the camera body. It might sound strange but can give some interesting effects, distorting colour, focus, and light, in a way that's sometimes reminiscent of vintage cameras. These are just a few early experiments but I'm having fun with it. Make sure to hold open the aperture on the lens, I've been using blue tack to hold the little pin which opens it.
I read about this photographic technique on SwissMiss which is full of amazing stuff, and about how to modify the lens on Flickr, where there are lots of great examples.

Thanks to all for your lovely feedback on the last instalment of the photo posting tute. If you look in the comments section of that post you will find the link to the Flickr Uploadr app which will make your Flickr uploading much quicker and help organise your pics.

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