Sunday 21 November 2010


 Extra Curricular is a journal about folks who get creative with their spare time.

With cover art by Jessica Hills, this issue includes a printmaking 'featurette', an article about getting crafty in the kitchen along with a recipe for summer berry jam, interviews with creative geniuses and more. It comes with a bonus too - 'the little holiday activity book', to keep you occupied with things to make over the holidays.

Extra Curricular is printed in full colour with vegetable based inks on recycled stock.
72 pages
200mm x 148mm

Have you seen Extra Curricular magazine? Launched last year by the talented Ellie this beautiful little magazine is published three times a year. Its about people who make part time. My lovely friend Melissa from tinyhappy was featured in the first issue, last year and I remember thinking how beautiful it looked when I saw it on her blog. So I was more than delighted when Ellie asked me to be part of this edition, devoted to printmaking. This is the fourth issue and its out tomorrow! I don't have my copy yet but I can't wait. Its exciting enough seeing my name there on the cover!

I promise to show you and tell you more about the making of it as soon as I have it in my hot little hands. And for those of you who can't wait, and want to know more about why and how I do what I do, you can pre-order here.


  1. Thank goodness this isn’t a post about pelvic floors and maintenance thereof (you had me going for half a tick).

    Well done excellent chook.

  2. Took me a sec to realise what Tania was on about.
    That is very exciting indeed. Better hunt one down. LOVE the cover.


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