Friday 11 February 2011

linen tulips (and new Show & Tell!)


Thank you everyone for all your kind words about my new Tulips pattern. I was really touched to have such a lovely bunch of comments and encouragement, I felt very blessed.

It seems red was as popular as ever, though some of the other colours had their admirers. I  spent time today quickly scanning in some linen so I could see what those colours would look like printed on my favourite fabric. I like it, I hope you do too!

I also popped back in today because I forgot to tell you something really important - the Show & Tell series kicks off again for 2011 next Tuesday!!

Make sure you tune in then to meet another wonderfully talented interviewee. I'm trying to think of a hint to give you that won't give it away, but my brain is too tired on this Friday afternoon! You will just have to come back to see.

Don't forget if you have any suggestions for bloggers you would like to see in this space, then please email me. I still have a wish list as long as my arm which grows daily as I discover more and more wonderful bloggers but there are sure to be some I haven't found yet. Please don't be shy in pointing them out.


  1. as a dutchie I have to love tulips ;)
    it's built-in.

  2. Great combinations Susie! They look so fresh :) Looking forward to reading more Show&Tells too! Kx

  3. I must admit I was an admirer of the red - I can't wait until it is all printed and avaliable! Hopefully this is soon!

  4. This is a lovely pattern reminds me of music notes too!


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