Thursday 24 February 2011

my creative space - cool change

Screen shot 2011-02-24 at 12.41.07 PM

For the first time this week I can feel autumn in the air. I love autumn but I'm always sorry to see summer leaving. Its been so horribly hot and sticky recently though I'm enjoying the cooler nights especially.

My creative space is full of ideas but I can't seem to completely settle to anything. This parcel of barkcloth didn't help matters, but I couldn't resist these when I saw them. The grey and red will become cushions, the japanese dolls a skirt perhaps.
I did make jam again, my third batch this summer. The apricot jam was so delicious, I'm wishing I'd made more while they were around, this batch is plum.

It must be colder because I'm also thinking again about this quilt, and trying to work out how to make it with my limited skills! I'm thinking exact measurements might help take some of the guess work out. We'll see!
More creative space, and some fabulous quilt action at Kirsty's.


  1. Hmm, loving your jars, Susie. I just posted about making our apricot jam for the first time. I'm now on the hunt for pretty jars like these for next year's batch! J x

  2. Lovely geometric bark cloth on the right hand side of the fabric picture there!

  3. I love the changing seasons... so full of promise. I never look back.

    Of course, in Sydney, we always have to look back because many is a Feb where I've thought 'oh, here's Autumn' only to be followed by the hottest two weeks ever in early March. We shall see.


  4. The barkcloth is amazing! All of them would make great skirts.

  5. Oh that red and white barckcloth is divine! LOVE!
    I do not love Autumn though. It depresses me as winter is loooooong and cold in these here parts.

  6. Yes how nice have these last few nights been? So lovely to actually sleep under a doona instead of a wet sarong!!

    The jam looks delicious!

  7. Snap. I too have blue and green patterned fabrics put aside to make into a quilt. Have book, have (most of the) fabric, don't have skill. Pah! I tell myself, details, shmetails...

  8. I LOVE plum jam - home made even better!!!!

  9. I just love bark cloth and my favourite is 1950's and leaf patterns. Aprocot jam - lovely on toast through autumn and winter.


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