Tuesday 9 August 2011

birthday flowers

new rose tin
pam's plate
photinia flower buds
tin collection

We jumped in the car after sport on Saturday to travel out west for my beautiful niece's 21st birthday party. It seems like only the other day we did the same trip in a rush to meet her the night she was born. I remember we found out she'd arrived at a truck stop in the mountains. She's still as sweet as the day she was born but is now the lovely grown up we always knew she would become. The party was loads of fun - lots of delicious food, laughing and dancing till the early hours with our precious family and friends. Miss A was allowed to stay late for the fun and we managed not to embarass her too much!

The blossom was out in the mountains, but only just starting on the other side where I took this snap. The other photo shows our new hedge at a similar point, about to burst. The handpainted plate at my mother in law's also caught my eye, as did this tin on Ebay. While I possibly don't need more for the collection I couldn't resist it and doesn't it look fine with some of my others.

I'm collecting other tins in my vintage love pinterest board with all the other vintage treasures which is almost as much fun.

(Oh, did you notice I made some new buttons, over there on the right, what do you think? And also some special pages up the top there for Show & Tell and the Brooch Swap to make it easier to find all the posts.)


  1. A lovely selection of florally photos.

  2. I love vintage floral... sooo pretty! Love your new button buttons... very cute :)

  3. Oh my, I love your tins!! Haven't checked out your new buttons yet..off to look now x

  4. Oh that tin is just gorgeous! All of them are :)
    Glad you had a great time at the celebrations.
    Sounds like a gorgeous trip :) Kx

    p.s. how do you not embarrass your kids?
    I need to learn that trick ;)

  5. Flowers always make me feel uplifted - a nice way for me to end my day. Thanks, hon! x

  6. Loving the flower tins.
    Your cute little paper pots are my D.I.Y Inspiration on the blog today!


  7. Loving these vintage tins, they're in such great condition too - real treasures. I just picked up a new set of gouache and that's just what I need to nestle them in. : )


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