Monday 15 August 2011

still here

maple seed

I'm still here, just quiet, just busy. Here are some glimpses of my days; a simple maple seed print which I stole time to carve the other day and Mr J's knitting from school. His class are all making squares for wrap with love and I've been up a couple of times to help. Can you see my rows amongst his?

A weekend of spring cleaning turned up this old set of memory cards which I made years ago for Miss A. They are dog eared and scuffed but they bring back lovely memories. Its such a simple project, I cut out blanks from a large sheet of card from the newsagent and then drew outlines in thick black marker and coloured them in. Two of each card of course, and I made sure to personalise the drawings. Miss A loved fresh peas that year and I might like the occasional mug of tea!

If I made them again now I'd give the reverse sides a pattern like playing cards, in a repeat design. It would be easy to cut them from wrapping or other patterned paper. (I might make a simple pattern some time for download if people are interested, with these pictures to print out.)

We celebrated a weekend of semifinals here, lost them both, but we celebrated anyway with dinner out last night at a Vietnamese restaurant. The salt and pepper squid was my highlight and the lovely smile the waitress gave me when my kids turned on their best manners :-)


  1. I feel the same way, still here, just quiet and busy. Trying to wait patiently until Thursday to get the keys to the house. It seems easier to wait a month than a few days!


  2. I'm a hearty supporter of the Celebrate Anyway and I imagine the salt and pepper squid would have been my highlight too. Enjoy the quiet-busy, Mrs.

  3. Sounds like life is humming along quite nicely.

  4. awwwww.. I just LOVE Mr J's knitting... so beautiful!! That stamp is great... I thought it looked a bit like a moustache.. he he he :{)

  5. The knitting grabbed my attention - I must still be a knitter at heart! Good on Mr J and his class. Yes, I can see your rows, but I won't tell! LOL

  6. Great to see your glimpses Suzy. Loving that first flower shot, how gorgeous is that! I've been in spring clean mode too, amazing how a few warmish days in a row will do that to you. : )


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