Thursday 10 May 2012

my creative space - duvet cover


More a plan than a project this, but I wanted to join in today with Kirsty's Creative Space which has moved to a new home here. Thanks again Kirsty for keeping this wonderful space going for us every week for so long. Its always a highlight for me being able to join in with so many lovely, encouraging and clever people doing amazing and inspiring stuff.

I have been promising Master J a bespoke duvet/doona cover made with my Flower Press fabrics for ages, and in particular this lego Bricks design. A Spoonflower parcel lost in transit and general busy-ness means I've only got this far though, whoops.

The other day though I finally got round to buying a sheet set to match the print. My idea is to back the quilt with the flat sheet to make the case and then keep the fitted sheet and pillowcase to coordinate. Its hard to find fabric wide enough so sheeting is is the perfect solution.

The only problem being of course is that at Spotlight the other day I fell in love with this discounted king size sheet set, which is the perfect vibrant blue colour to match my Bright Blue Bricks, and also has a lovely feel to it, high thread count and soft. And they didn't have the single size. Which means there will be some measuring and cutting involved. Which is why it keeps going down the to do list!! I find it so hard to cut and measure large pieces of material. Any hints on ways to make that easier are very welcome or if anyone has any wonderful ideas about quilt cover designs/tutorials, closures, sizes I'd love to hear from you too!


  1. That is going to be super. Happy quilting.

  2. I don't always have an offering to contribute, but I've looked forward to Kirsty's My Creative Space every week for years. It is so inspirational and such lovely blogs take part.

    My only thought on the sheet cut is that you're gonna need a very big horizontal surface! No idea about such matters, but personally I would do it on the floor and use one of my floorboard grooves as a guide... Great colour! x

  3. It's going to look wonderful, bright and happy! I always have trouble cutting big things and have to move most of the lounge room furniture to the corners of the lounge room to do it :)

  4. Love the lego print! How cool! Sheets make great fabric backings for covers!

  5. Love the fabric! So bright and colourful.

  6. ooh i love that fabric and good luck with all that measuring and cutting. us crafty types are good at making the "to do" list longer!

  7. Hey Susie - I make my own duvet covers regularly because I like the homey look of them. For us I make queen size (200x200) and for my sons I make singles (150x200). I also use flat sheets out of sheet sets to back the covers as we don't use the flat sheets on the beds otherwise! For the tops I usually have a central strip of my choice of fabric (112cm or 150cm wide) and then add a strip of other fabric down each side to bring the width out to what I need. Usually something like a plain colour quilting homespun is nice. When I'm making them up I do spread out on the lounge room floor to cut the fabric and have also been known to use the floorboards to help keep my eye on my cutting lines. I don't use closures, I just leave a gap (like you find with IKEA doona covers). You can read about my last one here: My son would love a lego brick doona cover! I just made him a Maisy mouse pillowcase using your tutorial - it was spot on and turned out more perfect than perfect! Good luck with the duvet covering.


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