Thursday 31 May 2012

my creative space - skirt


I'm squeaking in on the last day of Cam's 'Make it in May' skirt sewalong today as well as joining in with My Creative Space. And I'm sort of cheating by entering Miss A's skirt which she finished last week. For one of her birthday presents this year I promised her a pattern, fabric and help with making her first sewn garment and this is what she chose. So technically I didn't make it, but I was a consultant on the project and might have sewn a couple of stitches here and there.

I was about thirteen or fourteen when I sewed my first skirt, from memory it was a wrap around in a thick blue drill which never really worked out. My friend Miranda and I went along to a night course and learnt the secrets of pattern sewing. She'd chosen a button front skirt in an expensive hessiany fabric. I can't remember seeing her wear hers either! I did go on though to use the skills I learnt there to make quite a few garments in my teenage years that I did wear.

I'm delighted to be passing on some of my skills to A, at about the same age, teaching her how to read a pattern, how to pin and cut out, how to sew and hem, how to fit elastic. This was a simple project but a good learning piece. And she loves the outcome and the fabric. The pattern is New Look 6004 view A.

I lined my model up against the wall in the middle of the dinner rush last night for some quick pics. Pippie had different ideas though and was trying to get her to throw the squeaky bone while I was shooting her photo!

Do you remember your first pattern? What did you make, and who taught you how to read a pattern? I'd love to know.


  1. Cute skirt! Love the print. Great idea for a pressie. I also never wore much when I first sewed, and remember my mum being my 'consultant' and then the finisher! But it's nice to remember those times anyway.

  2. How satisfying to be passing on your sewing skills to your daughter.......her skirt turned out beautifully....

    The first thing I recall making when I was ten was green and white gingham, 'dress'....It had shirring in the bodice and straps over the shoulders, very basic and I made it on my mums old treadle machine. I remember wearing it at least once, don't know what became of it. Come to think of it, it's the only dress I've ever made myself. I stuck to skirts, much easier , hehe

  3. Very cute skirt... she did a great job!:) I always made clothes for my barbies when I was little and then progressed to making my first pattern for myself when I was about 16yrs old.. a very bright purple cord knicker bockers I wanted to make for Duran Duran event we were going to! There were quite a few mistakes in them but I was SO proud of my purple pants.. ha ha ha makes me laugh now :)

  4. I love that you're passing on the skills. My first garment was a horrid pair of shorts in Year 8 textiles. I didn't touch a sewing machine again until I started to teach myself about 8 years ago.
    Thanks so much for joining the sew along!

  5. Oh, this is a gorgeous little skirt in my opinion!
    Sadly, I am not a sewer and don't think I've ever created a pattern in my life, though in my dream life, I would love to be able to do that!
    Lovely to have found your blog via MCS.
    Ronnie xo

  6. I'm sure my first skirt was a wrap aroun too, in for 1 sewing class. The fabric was awful and I didn't wear it much.

  7. Sweet skirt - I'm thinking of making my own too, to wear with coloured tights and good boots in Winter. Just can't seem to find what I want out there - or at least afford.

  8. Yes - I do remeber my first dress and the pattern very well. It was a simple A-line with an H-back. iow a low square shaped back neckline with a strap closing from left to write!

  9. Gorgeous skirt! and I love that fabric :) I used to hand sew from my teenage years and only taught myself how to machine sew after my girls were born. My girls have experimented on my machine but I must admit I get really anxious that they'll break my machine and hover annoyingly... you sound like a much nicer mum than me! Your Miss A is to be congratulated. Kx


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