Tuesday 6 November 2012



The weekend before last we celebrated a wonderful family wedding. It was great fun to get dressed up and party together, and great to celebrate the amazing story behind the bride and the groom's first meeting.

The wedding was held in a perfect spot looking back down Sydney Harbour, with a view to the city and the bridge. And the weather was beautiful, which is always a relief. It rained torrentially the day Mr F and I got married! Which is good luck they say, I hope so - it seems to be going well so far ;-)

Later in the week Halloween saw me hosting a group of trick or treating 11 year old devils, skeletons, monsters and ghouls. They were so excited and high on sugar. We don't usually have many lollies around so at Halloween I just let them go crazy and they love it.

Our neighbourhood is full of kids and so there were lots of houses on the Halloween route and I think its a great way for the neighbourhood to get together. Everyone was out on the street and it was great to see people getting into the spirit of this adopted tradition, even our lovely neighbour May, who is 93, had some packets made up specially for the kids, she loves to spoil them!

Speaking of treats I have a little surprise for you on Thursday! Be sure to come back because I'm hosting a fantastic Giveaway! I know you are going to really love the prizes donated by a local seller especially for my readers!

In between all the excitement I actually sat down and finished my little scrappy cushion. I backed it with my Red RickRack fabric and padded the patchwork slightly with a flannel backing. I was going to quilt it but I felt it was quite busy enough.


  1. Love the freshness of your new cushion..a bit Christmassy as well!

  2. I love your neigbourhood on halloween... M and I were driving around and he was yelling out the window "happy halloweenee" to everyone dressed up! He was loving it! So much fun! How adorable of your old neighbour! Love it! And that cushion is just gorgeous! :)


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