Thursday 15 November 2012

my creative space - spotty


I made a start on my Honey Cowl this week, using my lovely Classy Cashmere mix yarn from Zigo Zago. Its nice to have a simple project to pick up, I do love the meditation of knitting, so calming.

I also made this spur of the moment top (Built by Wendy Simplicity 3835). I whipped it up in a couple of hours using some bright polka dot fabric I'd actually bought for binding a quilt! The fabric wasn't big enough but I turned the sleeves sideways, made them shorter and it all sort of came together. Its bright ;-)

I picked up another pattern and more fabric at the Spotlight sale, I just went to buy cotton tape for Marble Bags, but you know how it is!

Sizing continues to be my biggest issue, I'd love a better idea of how size and ease and my shape are best calculated. Perhaps its only experience that will give me that though. I seem to cut too big, knowing I can go smaller but not larger. Add in the American and European sizes, and inches and centimetres and... aaagh. Its the bit I really dread about making clothes.

More creative spaces here.

Most importantly though I'd like to announce the two winners of the Zigo Zago giveaway, chosen by

Deep Seaflower and PomPom Quarterly magazine
Tania from Ivy Nest who said:
"Oooh look at all that yummy yarn. Quite liking the Sea Flower, being partial to all things blue. I must hop over to that site. Citronille patterns as well as all that yarn? Sounds like my kind of shop :)"

Cocoa Kiss
Jenni from Baa Me Knits who said:
"I'm an earthy girl so I would have to pick the Cocoa Kiss and I would make The Lonely Tree Shawl by Sylvia Bo Bilvia on Ravelry :-)"

Could you both please contact me with your address details.

I want to thank Alex again for such a wonderful giveaway. Don't forget that she has a 10% discount in her shop for flower press readers, just put the code Flowerpress in at checkout.

Oh and today I've been taking some photos for the Flower Press SALE which will finally start tomorrow. Promise!


  1. I really like that top! Do you think a relative beginner to garment sewing xould manage it???

  2. Oh how fantastic! Thank you so much to you and to Zigo Zago for their generosity. That looks the most scrummy yarn cant wait to make that luschious shawl with it :-)


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