Wednesday, 30 January 2013


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Back to school today for my three and I'm missing them already.

They were all very excited though and ready to go back, looking forward to the new year beginning and to catching up with friends.

It is very quiet here now, which is nice as I have much to do and real life to get back to. Its time to embrace the new year and make some plans, write lists, send orders, sort out stock, make some new things...

I've been meaning to blog these holiday treasures, the souvenirs I picked up round and about on our travels this summer. I love a bit of thrifting and just lately with the kids bigger and (slightly) more patient we've been detouring via country op shops on our road trips to see what we can find.

I love the small town thrift shops, country Vinnies, Salvos or those funny little independent stores you find. Country stores often have more vintage finds than the big inner city shops and there's a lovely old time feel to them.

We hid from the heat in a huge shopping mall on that very hot day that came while we were camping, we'd gone there to watch  a movie and spent a couple of hours browsing. Even with all those shops though we didn't buy a thing. I don't know about you but I'm always so over shopping and consumption by Christmas that I can't seem to raise any enthusiasm, even with sales all around. On the other hand we didn't leave one oppie empty-handed and I felt much happier in the idea that I would be reusing something that still has life, something made to last.

There were some secondhand clothes bought along the way as well, especially by Miss A, an op shopping convert, we both found some tops and dresses, all in great condition and some still with tags.

Did you score any out of town thrift treasures while you were away. Do you like to travel thrift like us? Do you have any recommendations. We had fun scouring the Central Coast this time, Woy Woy has some great shops and there are some around Green Point too.


  1. Hi,I love you op shop scores, especially the Midwinter! Summer holidays are still rolling here, kids not back to school til 7th Feb!! We have an province Anniversary Day on Mon and Waitangi Day on Weds! Hanging out for some time to hit op shops without the impatient ones! S:)

  2. Yes country op-shops are the best. for variety and price.
    The cake tin and linen tea towel are stunning.

  3. Excellent treasure hunting ~ love them all!

  4. Some lovely finds there. I'm pleased to read all three of ours were ready to go back to school. my one-and-only never was!

    There's a really good Salvation Army store south of Wollongong - huge! May actually be south of Windang!

  5. I really need to sharpen uo my treasure-hunting skills! What a great haul you had there!!!


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