Friday 1 February 2013

leaving the nest

leaving the nestleaving the nestleaving the nestleaving the nestleaving the nestleaving the nestleaving the nestleaving the nest

Do you remember the other day I told you about the birdie neighbours who moved in while we were away. The spot they chose was right next to our back door. Unfortunately for them, not only are we noisy, but we are nosy too! We couldn't resist sidling in close a couple of times to peer inside the nest, to see how those cute little babies were going.

I am pleased to say Mum and Dad BulBul were fantastic parents, really wonderful. The feeding schedule they kept up with insects and berries was very impressive. And when they couldn't fly in for a feed they would sit patiently by until the coast was clear. That was usually our cue to get out of the way, however by the end they got much braver and would fly in whether you were sitting on the deck nearby or not, and whether I was pointing my camera at them or not. So I managed to get a couple of pics as the babies grew.

And grow they did! All too quickly it seemed they were growing out of their little nest, opening their eyes and stretching up to ask for food. I wasn't ready for them to grow up so quickly! (Every mother's lament!)

Suddenly the other day they were sitting right up on the edge of the nest, stretching their wings, it looked precarious. And then one of them ventured out on to the surrounding branches. The rain had just started and the forecast was for torrential rain and strong winds. I tried to explain to them it wasn't a good time to be leaving that warm hidey hole!

You can see in my photos that those loving parents though were urging them on. Suddenly one of the babies slipped through the leaves and flew across to the nearest tree, and then the next and then the last.

They sat for a while, bedraggled, in the rain and I managed to get some photos. They looked way too little and defenceless to be out there on their own. I kept going out to check on them but all at once the family had disappeared into the darkening afternoon.

The storm came after that, perhaps it came to your place too. It was wild, and wet and fierce. I lay awake and worried about them as the rain beat down. The next day I searched the sodden garden but there was no sign of them.

Today, I heard twittering outside my room. A camellia and magnolia grow right beside the window and sometimes the birds come inside to feed on the flowers. I crept up to to look out through the blinds and look who was there. Just two babies I'm afraid, but growing strongly and accompanied by their careful parents (below).

I've been watching this week on instagram other babies leaving the nest, off to preschool or prep, to kindie or high school. I've watched their mothers care for them and guide them on their journey, often with tears in their eyes. My boys started year six this week, which is hard to believe. Its taking some getting used to all round. Love to everyone with new beginnings - I wish you the happiest transitions!

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  1. Wow it really does feel like they grew up way too quickly! How wonderful to be able watch, capture and be apart of it all from a short distance! I would have been warning them about the storm and worrying about them all night too! So glad two survived, very sad about the other one :(

    Love the photos of the cute little feathery fluff balls :)

  2. These photos are absolutely stunning!

    Just out of interest, do you use your photos to come up with designs for print-making? I think these bulbuls would make a great series :)
    Speaking of design... Have you been making anything new lately?

  3. We had pigeons raising their young in our archway to the rose garden -- we were very surprised how short the time was between hatching and leaving the nest!

  4. Aaah! What a lovely sequence of photos! :-)
    Happy weekend to you!


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