Thursday 7 February 2013

my creative space - yellow

Perfect day for a #swimming carnival!yellowyellowyellowyellowjust found these beautiful #feathers wrapped in paper in my glovebox from can't remember when #foundexcellent advice #left #type #yellow #arrow #signyellowyellow

This week has been about yellow and I've been seeing it everywhere. D and J are house captains this year for their school house which is imaginatively called Yellow! I used the excuse to get a bit of crafting on with a big painted banner, and then even managed to slip in a bit of bunting which made it along to the carnival too (yes, I somehow resisted floral patterns).

Who knew bunting was so easy, and so addictive. Well most of the internet is the answer to that! Somehow though I had never managed to get round to making it. Fear not, I'm sure there is more in my future.

I am proud to say that all materials for the banner and bunting came from the stash. The fabric was recycled from an old cotton curtain and painted with acrylic paints from the craft box. The boys helped me fill in the lettering and paint the rays which we traced from large print outs.

I'm not sure how the paint would survive any rain, but luckily the day was perfect, sunny and bright, but not too hot. Fingers crossed the Athletics day is equally fine.

It was most rewarding when Yellow house got six extra points for their cheering which the teacher said was because she liked their banner! Three cheers for crafting!

I am joining in for the first time this year with My Creative Space which lives over here.

And don't forget to enter the Planner Giveaway which is open till Monday. I meant to say that the planner comes as a gift voucher so you could always gift it to someone if you don't need a planner yourself.

p.s. the fishy there on the right is the surprise visitor from last year, who surprised me again last week when I found he'd changed from his boring brown to this lovely orangey yellow colour. His sister is still drab so I will be watching closely to see if she changes too. Its funny because when I first discovered them I was checking often to see if they would change but they waited till I was away to do it!

p.p.s. Like many of you I am sending some special love today to our friend Cam, a lover of bright colours like these yellows!


  1. Ooo, I'd completely forgotten about school sports carnivals and house colours!

  2. GREAT bunting!!! And lovely, sunny yellowness!!! :-)

  3. Funny how a colour can dominate ones day... it happens to me a lot! Gosh I haven't made bunting yet... not sure how that has slipped me by! :)


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