Friday 29 March 2013

pattern friday - cut peonies

cut peoniescut peoniescut peoniescut peoniescut peoniescut peonies

Whoops, I nearly forgot my new resolution today to join in with Melissa's pattern friday. Too busy making another bee hotel for my garden I was.

I have been working today on patterns though, to make into screens with my new sun exposure techniques, and thus revisiting a few old favourites. There are a few to choose from.

This is an old design which I first blogged way back here in 2008! Its always been a favourite but one that wasn't drawn well enough to reproduce.

I've just spent some time redrawing it and making it into a proper repeat, easy to do in illustrator, and very satisfying.

I've kept the old colours, I remember these were some of my favourite colours back then, red and turquoise blue! I've also made it in some new colours. So fun to see how it changes with the hue.

Its a simple repeat, a simple pattern, but there's something I love about the simple ones! Which is your favourite colour? I like that smoky mushroom grey and the way the flowers stand out like cutouts!


  1. it's beautiful susie- love peonies and the colours you've chosen.

  2. Love this - the darker grey is my fav :-)

  3. I love this! Especially the top colourway xx

  4. I love this one, the grey and turquoise. Would like them as wallpaper!


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