Friday 22 March 2013

pattern friday - weave


Thanks to all you lovelies who commented yesterday and wished me well in my new craft workshops. How lucky I am to have all of you to cheer me on! Very lucky.

I was reading Melissa's tiny happy blog today and she posted a beautiful pattern, I do love her work! And she intends to post one each week for 'pattern friday'.

What lovely inspiration to make and share more patterns. I'm inspired and I'm going to try playing along. I have quite a few patterns tucked away that I've been working on and haven't done anything with yet. I see patterns everywhere and often sketch them up while they're still fresh in my mind. I'm going to share some of those here. And the new ones that come to me too, in fact I was making one just today!

And I'm going to share some colour inspiration with them too.

To start with here's one I prepared earlier! I call it Weave. I have such a fascination with simple geometric repeats and tiled patterns, and while this is a simple one I love how graphic it is. It's a design I made intending one day to print it using the stencil screenprint technique I shared in this tutorial. In fact it would be a good one for Leslie's handprinted swap.

Are you swapping? This is my third time and while its alway a challenge I find it so inspiring!

Happy Weekend everyone, I hope you have a good one planned. Mine will be quiet, and I can't wait! And next week there's a new Show & Tell on Tuesday so I'll see you back here then.


  1. I love new patterns and the colours that are chosen to make them sing...Weave in purple is singing to me now!

  2. Great patterns and colours!!!
    Have a great weekend.....

  3. 'weave' is beautiful- i love your patterns! they're always simple and geometric and eye-catching.
    thank you for joining in with PF. :)


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