Tuesday 4 June 2013

Doily panels

doily fabricdoily fabricdoily fabricdoily fabricdoilydoily pencil casedoily fabricdoily fabric

My Butterfly Doily image is another favourite of mine. I've printed this design on cushions and tea towels in the past, but always dreamed of taking it further and making a doily fabric repeat pattern. I can't exactly put my finger on what appeals to me so much about doilies, but I do know that they make me happy! I think its something to do with the intricate patterns and the traditional handcrafted nature of the craft. Some slow, handmade love to be passed down the generations.

So this newest printing takes the doily image a little further. I think this pattern is a work in progress, but for the moment I have printed up some panels of the doily design to sew with and made some extras to share with like-minded crafters. They are in the shop if you need some Doily sewing goodness. This is the first of my sun exposed screens!!

Each doily panel is a minimum size of 11 x 14 inches printed in white on lovely unbleached linen/cotton fabric. I have plans for other colours. This fabric is a great medium weight perfect for homewares, and small projects.

I spoke last week about my search for zipper feet, this pencil case project was the one in question which couldn't be completed without the elusive equipment! For many years I've had this serviceable tartan pencil case, which because of its size has proven really useful and taken care of my extensive pen and pencil collection (I have a habit!). As you can see it is starting to fall apart, but beyond that I felt that something I used so often should be beautiful rather than just serviceable, and it was a great way to showcase my new fabric.

As you can see I've echoed the curved corners of the old case and made it a similar size. I've used my chrysanthemums on the reverse side, and lined it with a little blue and white floral print.

There is just one flaw in my grand plan, the newly made case was quickly seconded to necklace duty for my recent trip, and is actually a great way to keep all my necklaces together and untangled. I'm thinking I might need to make another for the actual pencils!


  1. Oh I love it Susie!!! Fabulous design (I love doilies too) and wonderful case as well. Beautiful work :) Kx

  2. Love your doilies design and it looks fab as a pencil case come necklace keeper too :)

  3. You can't have too many pencil cases or doilies in your life, it is a winning combination. Make more, but grade them in size, it would be like having a posh matching luggage set but for your accessories.

  4. super cute. I really love doilies :) they look so great here

  5. What a brilliant design! :-)
    Very clever indeed!

  6. Doily goodness indeed. They make me happy too.
    Love the shape of your pencil case - lovely.

    I've been meaning to try exposing screens with the sun for ages... but alas I think there'll be no experimentation in 2013.


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