Friday 21 June 2013

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It was the perfect weather this week to be working on my entry into the Open Drawer Hottie Cover Challenge Exhibition - it was freezing! It was also the final week before the Friday deadline which helped get me focussed, nothing like a deadline to spark your creativity!

I'm part of Cam's group entry again this year, the exhibition raises money and attention for the Margaret Pratt Foundation which supports lung and heart transplant patients, a cause I'm delighted to support again. (2011's entry is here in case you missed it.)

The idea of a hottie fabric design came to mind, and I thought I could make my hot water bottle cover from that. Teaching my stamp carving course has been inspiring me recently to get out the lino tools and make some new stamps. This craft is so versatile and simple, and it was a great way to make a multicolour print quickly and simply and cheaply. (If you're interested in learning this craft I have some more workshops coming up, check the SewMakeCreate site for dates.)

Here's the design I came up with. I'm in love with this repeat and it will definitely become a digital design so I can order some yardage for pajama pants! How cool would that be?! In the meantime I whipped up a pillowcase for my bed with a hottie repeat panel on the front. Something to make these chilly nights a little warmer.

The front is lined with cotton and the back is made with my Harlequin stencil print from way back here. It has an opening to slip the hottie in and an opening at the top to access the lid. I'm feeling quite smug that the pattern matches up on the back there. Actually though a hottie cover is a simple and rewarding sew. I might need to make some more.

If you want to see the rest of the amazing hottie covers, check the Flickr group or the instagram hashtag #hottiechallenge2013. And some of the hotties will be for sale either at the exhibition or afterwards. And its all for a great cause. I just wish I was close enough to be at Opening Night.

Joining in this week, after a long absence, with My Creative Space.


  1. So clever! I love the stamp-print fabric and the colours.

  2. So cute. I am enjoying seeing the creation of this years hotties!

  3. So cute! Great design Susie :) Kx

  4. Why have I never seen these before? My biggest problem with hot water bottles has always been that they're uncomfortable to put your feet on. I love the effect of stamping fabric but have rarely seen it done with anything but simple geometric shapes, so the tiny hot water bottles were a delightful surprise. But I like the Harlequin print, too! Clean and simple but cheerful.

    If you're comfortable with sharing things you've made from your own prints in an online community, I'd love to see some of them on Kollabora, the crafting site. A lot of us there geek out over good design, so we're always cherishing hopes that people who make it themselves will come and hang out with us.


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