Tuesday 3 September 2013


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I'm still here, and getting back to the creative stuff which I'll blog soon, but in the meantime here are some pretty pictures from the last week. 

•  Seedlings gifted from an old friend who's newish business brings gardens to underprivileged schools. Such a great thing.

•  Lunch in Summer Hill with some lovely bloggy mates. So good to talk shop, craft, make, life and I'm looking forward to the ABCD winter meetup this week.

•  Zone athletics carnival two days last week, so exciting, a third ribbon for D and J's relay team made it to the Regional level, which is tomorrow!

•  More late winter spring surprises.

•  Ms A won the lolly guessing competition at school! Now to 'borrow' that great big jar from her!

•  A computer hiccup saw my printer sent me yardage of the Bricks print in this teeny tiny scale. Isn't it cute! I've put it in the shop at a discounted price, along with new stocks of the popular small scale print, and the large scale too. Now to think of a project that uses all three!

• ... speaking of which, a new baby arrived in the extended family over the weekend, a little boy! I just love how technology and social media saw us all able to share in the excitement from near and far. Welcome dear little Sid!!


  1. ooh the teeny tiny bricks are fantastic, as is a new teeny tiny baby boy. May be you should combine both happy occasions?

  2. A giant jar of Smarties!!! Yummy!!! :-)

  3. The jar does look very useful and the tiny scale of the print is very cute.

    Congratulations to the parents on the birth of little Sid.

  4. Lovely wee post to read on a dull Monday morn. Inspiring me to take some pics today.


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