Thursday, 12 September 2013

three year plan


The other night I went along to my second ABCD social meetup, close to home at the Three Weeds pub in Rozelle. I also signed up for the goodie bag and took along some Ruby Slippers cards to share, 28 of them!

To see some (better) pictures of the night and the contents of the goodie bags (treasure!) do visit the lovely Steph at her Bondville blog. Steph and Lisa (the red thread) are the generous organisers of the ABCD catchups.

There is something wonderful about being in the company of creative types. That unspoken understanding of the need to make, create and surround oneself with beautifully made things. Its always a great chance to share inspiration and information with like minds.

We were asked to come with thoughts about our three year plan to share in small discussion groups during the night. A simple enough topic but one which made me really aware of my lack of a one week plan, let alone three years!

Saffron Craig chaired our little group which also included Cath from Prints Charming. Both inspiring women for a fledgeling fabric designer like me. Each person then shared their big dreams and their small ones, finishing with me, and while I fumbled out some vague plans, I resolved to go home and really think about what I want to do. Get a plan! It made me wonder too if I'm guilty of exploring too many creative paths, maybe its time to choose a single direction. Hmm, not sure I can do that!

Anyway, making fabric remains a major goal of mine, and despite appearances I have been productive, see sneaky peek above. I have some new fabrics to share, just no time to make anything from them or take photos! All that is about to change. I think its time to show you what I've been up to and I feel some scrap packs coming, I do love a scrap pack!

And after all, spring is here and my sixth blogging anniverary approaches! Amazing!

p.s. a rare selfie with lovely girls Lamina and Sheryl.


  1. It was a great night hey! So wonderful to hang out with like minded creative for an evening! Love it and Love our selfie :)

  2. That sunds like such a lovely meet-up! Chatting to like-minded folk is always a treat! :-)

  3. So glad that you had a lovely time Susie - it was a big step for everyone to share their dreams and I hope that it helped some of us explore the big picture a little more. I'd love to get better at long-term planning too! See you next time, Steph x

  4. it was a really great night!! yes the ABCD catch ups always leave me with so much to think about...


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