Friday, 22 November 2013

on sponsorship (and semi dried tomatoes)

semi dried tomatoessemi dried tomatoes

You probably have an opinion about sponsorship on blogs. I do.

Actually I’ve found my opinion evolving each year as the blogging landscape changes. These days I’m much more tolerant of its appearance in my reader. I always respect the decision of individual bloggers as I know that there will have been much soul searching in the choice. In a way I’m grateful for the emergence of sponsorship in the evolution of blogs as I know it has kept some of my favourite bloggers in the craft, and strengthened the commitment of others, let them keep doing this thing they love. I’m always bereft when a favourite blogger shuts up shop or fades quietly away so I’m happy to accept the trade off.

Blogs are a lot of work, a labour of love in most cases whether sponsored or not.

And giveaways, blog hops, book reviews, blogging awards, sponsored posts, banner ads and featured sellers are all just different shades of promotion. Even bloggers who ostensibly don’t advertise often derive income from their blog through advertising their own projects be they courses, workshops, books, products, ebooks, gift guides, product ambassadorship, commissioned or guest posts.

Just recently I have added banner ads. You many not have even noticed if you look at my blog in a reader.*

It feels like the right time. After six years and 736 posts (!) I’ve decided to take on a bit more sponsorship, in a few different forms. Not too much I hope, but I wanted to give you a heads up. I felt I had to share this next step with all of you as you are such an important part of my blog. I was so touched by all the lovely comments left on my sixth birthday post. Thank you x

I feel good about it. It won’t change the personal nature of my blog, but I hope it will bring a new commitment to blogging for me and a new energy. It will mean I can justify the time I spend here, one of my favourite places. I hope it even means more time to produce detailed tutorials and content. (In fact I have a crafty tutorial in the works now!)

Thank you for your understanding.

p.s. I couldn't write a post without photos so this is my recent making of semi-dried tomatoes from homegrown cherry tomatoes. The recipe and tute comes from my clever friend Kate over here. I was going to use them on a pizza but when i looked in the fridge they had disappeared. Funny about that. Might have to make another batch!

* If you are interested in advertising I've put some information on my new sponsor page and I'm hoping to add some smaller rotating spots for smaller businesses soon.


  1. Makes no difference to me and, like you, I respect the individual decision. Go you! x

  2. Good for you Susie. It makes perfect sense to me and won't change the way I view your blog - I hate it when blogs finish too & would much rather see the person take on sponsorship than stop posting. And your tomatoes look amazing!

  3. I love your blog with ads or without. Good on you and i hope it brings you a little reward now and then.

  4. I'm so desperately craving tomatoes.
    We're still a couple of months behind you tho.
    So pleased they were a success. xx


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