Friday 8 November 2013

product shoot

Filigree tea towels


Filigree tea towels

Filigree tea towels

Filigree tea towels

Do you remember I restyled one of my tea towel product shots back here?

I loved it so much I always had it in the back of my mind that I'd do the others, styled according to their colours. The Filigree design has been with me since the first days of my Flower Press shop so it feels good to be refreshing and renewing the product photography.

Speaking of those first days, it is six years ago next week that I started my little venture!!

As with many things that happen round here it wasn't scheduled in, nor written on a to do list, but the fancy struck me the other day, the light was right, I pulled the couch out of the way and put our coffee table in the sunny spot from the window with indirect light and stood on the table to take the photos. So professional!

I'm sure I'm not alone in taking my photos in funny situtations. In fact one of my favourite spots is the kitchen bench, which has just the right light!

Which is your favourite shot? I'm a bit torn but I'm loving the green most I think :-)

product photography setup


  1. They're all fabulous. Lovely dovely.

  2. Wonderful, wonderful styling!!!
    Hope you have a great weekend.....

  3. They're all lovely. My favourite overall is the green shot, while my favourite props are those blue fluted bowls. I have a leaf shaped soap dish in that same colour.

    Do you have the filigree print in soft cotton? I fancy a dress in that green ... although if you did a blue in the fluted bowl colour i would buy the whole bolt :)

    Love your work as always, my friend.

  4. They're lovely Susie, and you can tell you had fun with them. I love natural objects, wood etc so the chalk is my favourite though they're all pretty. Isn't it the best time to do these things just when the inspiration strikes rather than trying to schedule if in. I'm just the same :-) x

  5. Lovely Photographs and congrats on your 6th B Day.
    Dee x


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