Wednesday, 9 September 2009


flotsam, originally uploaded by flowerpress.

Well I did it! I finally bit the bullet and bought a new camera.
I'm buying it online so I don't have it in my hands yet, but hopefully it will come this week.
In the end I decided to keep my old lenses and just (!) buy a new body, a Nikon D90 DSLR. It feels very indulgent but the old camera was going to cost a third of the price of a new camera to fix.
I'm going to miss the old D50. I was uploading some old pictures to Flickr today and I can see improvements in my photography over time. I've learnt a lot by just shooting so many photos. That poor old camera has been dragged all over the place.
Here's an early shot. Some flotsam and jetsam from the beach, taken balancing on a kitchen chair, at the funny little beach house we stay at down south. I love the way photos hold memories so safe. I can nearly always remember when and where they were taken, what was happening, and sometimes how I felt. Magic.


  1. I love your photography - can't wait to see what yuo will do with the new camera!

  2. Such an old friend is your camera it did you well- this photo is so pretty. Even the words flotsam and jetsam are pretty :-).
    Best wishes for your new camera!


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