Monday, 14 September 2009


My new camera (finally) arrived Friday afternoon! It is fantastic, I love it already though I haven't really had a proper chance to explore it yet.

Oh and thank you everyone for your lovely words about my camera tribulations. I've loved all your wonderful comments.

The D90 has a very satisfying feel, straight away it is more comfortable to hold than the D50 and some of the basic controls have been improved. For example there is a special setting for taking photos without flash. I take most of my photos on automatic in natural light so I'm loving that. The screen on the back is much larger and much improved. And it has the capacity to take video! Our other digital camera does that but I'm looking forward to experimenting with SLR quality video. I'm already thinking what would be fun to post here...

I've quickly rushed a couple of product shots so I can list my new tea towels. Some of you might recognise the new Purple Blossom tea towel from the parcel I sent Melissa last week! If you haven't seen her lovely post and the cushion she whipped up from the barkcloth I sent her, then go and have a peek on her tinyhappy blog. She's so creative!

In other purple news, labradoodle Pippie has a new collar. She doesn't really like having her photo taken, can you tell?


Thank you for dropping by and commenting :-)