Tuesday, 22 September 2009


A while ago I stumbled across some beautiful pictures of Sashiko embroidery and was immediately smitten. It's partly the colours, I love navy and white together. I love the graphic quality of the stitching and I love the geometric patterns.
The fact that you can buy panels with the stitches outlined seemed like a good idea for an embroidery newbie like me too. I bought a cushion panel in the Petal design and though you can see I haven't made a huge amount of progress I am enjoying it.

Mine came from kimonomono. I see she hasn't any navy panels at the moment, but you can buy panels and supplies here and here too, Purlbee has a great sashiko tutorial too. This second image is taken from Etsy store handyhandscorner. I love the colours of this purse and can't wait till I've got the hang of it and I can freestyle like this.

* Thanks so much to Ellen from TheLongThread for featuring my red Filigree tea towel on her Etsy Finds Friday post last week. If you haven't seen it her great blog is a fantatic resource for crafty tutorials amongst other things.


  1. Yes! I am having a love affair with sashiko too. I included some panels in the fabrics I sent out for the quilting bee I am a part of so I am yet to actually embroider the outlines. Still the panels have come back as very effective middle sections on log cabin blocks.

    And very awesome on the mention on the Long Thread! Not that I am surprised - your work is gorgeous :)

  2. I adore Sashiko...I am yet to 'master' it, but I made a squirrel tea cosy with some sashiko - you can see it here:


  3. Hi Susie
    thanks for the comment on my blog - yours is just lovely and so is your work :)


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