Wednesday, 3 March 2010

lace and bark

The other day Brisbane Flower Press stockist Daniele sent me these photos of her lovely shop Lace and Bark to share. I must say I wouldn't mind some of those tea cups coming home with me! Have a look at her website to see more of the exquisite handcrafted furniture and homewares they make and sell, and the interiors of her beautiful shop.
Or, even better, if you live locally go and see them in person at 18 Station Street, Nundah. Just don't tell me, I'll be extremely jealous!
I love the fact too that their furniture is made where possible using reclaimed and recycled timbers.

I'm hoping to get organisised and expand my stockist network this year. It's one of the things on my to do list. It's been there a while but you know, I think its getting closer to the top!!


  1. Thanks Susie,
    Its always a pleasure to share your beautiful products with my clients.

  2. I love it, and yes, I can almost smell the english breakfast in those cups! They remind me of my grandmother who had stacks and stacks just like this. She doesn't so much now, I wonder if she broke them all?! Such a gorgeous shop.... :)


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