Friday 26 February 2010

heather ross spoonflowers *

I love Heather Ross's fabric designs, so unique, quirky and beautifully drawn. I really enjoy her blog too so I was really intrigued to read a while ago that she was going to be rereleasing some of her fabrics printed to order by Spoonflower.

You may remember I had some fabrics printed by Spoonflower last year. The service was still in Beta back then.

I find it very exciting that an industry professional like Heather is happy to release her designs in this format. I must go back and sample the service again, see how the quality of printing has improved in the last year.

Its going to be really interesting to see how the fabric is recieved. I know for myself that there are some discontinued designs of Heather's that I'd love to buy, the goldfish and firefly patterns being top of the list. Heather has started a new blog page to share info about this collaboration.

Another cool thing is you could print some of your own fabric and pick up some gnomes at the same time!

* I'm just stopping back in here to share this Flickr thread which raises the issue of unacceptable levels of fading in Spoonflower fabrics, specifically the Heather Ross printings. Stephen Fraser has replied with a comment about their disappointment in the results shown and has said that Spoonflower are going to look into this issue. I know we all want Spoonflower to succeed, such a fantastic concept. I truly hope they can resolve these issues successfully.

I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend coming up! I'm looking forward to a quiet one with time to potter. But first, to all of you that came and read the first Show & Tell interview with Kristina, below, and to all the lovely peeps who left such lovely, encouraging and generous comments -
A BIG THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kristina and I were really delighted and touched by the response.

I can't wait for the next interview, which will come in March. I know you're going to love that one too. Thanks friends.


  1. fabrics are sooooo much fun - thank you for sharing these Susie - the polka dots are my favourite.

    Um, and by the way...I've got a lovely award for you... the Kreative Blog award infact! Becuase I just love your work, and you're such a superstar! :) Part of accepting the award means sharing seven things about yourself, and presenting this award to seven blogs/people. Hope you're into it! kisses and hugs, K

  2. Wow! Really? I obviously need to consider some re-evaluation. Shall watch with both interest and bated breath...


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