Wednesday, 27 October 2010

mulberry season

Ruby Slippers framed
There is a large mulberry tree that overhangs the path leading up to school and every year a crowd of small people are to be found below trying to reach that perfect mulberry which is always just out of reach. This handful made it home and was added to smoothies.
Before I went on holiday I sent out an order of RickRack fabric to the lovely Justine. She told me she was going to make a skirt from it, but that her project pile was so high that it might take a while. Last night she emailled me this picture of the fantastic finished skirt. Isn't she clever! To see more of her cleverness including some beautiful Oliver + S pattern sewing and some fantastic fabrics have a look at Justine's Flickr site here. Thanks for sharing Justine :-)
The last of these ruby red pictures shows the new larger Ruby Slippers print in a Ribba frame, bought at Ikea on Saturday for $10. It was so simple to put together, the print size fits perfectly into the frame without any trimming. It took me a minute to do!
Its sitting on my lovely new sideboard bought on Ebay last week after months of searching. By coincidence the perfect sideboard came up close by and is an exact match of this one which I fell in love with last year when we stayed at our friends' house. More pics soon.


  1. I love the Ruby Slipper print and that skirt is awesome! I am a huge fan of the Ribba frame especially because they come in so many sizes.

  2. I love mulberries :) Your Ruby Slippers print looks fantastic, Susie, and I'm loving your ric-rac fabric made into a skirt. Lots of good things going on at yours then :)) Kx

  3. Thanks Susie! It's your fabric that's so beautiful!


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