Tuesday, 12 October 2010


I'm going to post about our blue mountains trip later but I couldn't wait to share these waratah photos. How stunning is this flower! The first two are of a wild plant and the last I snapped in someone's front garden at Echo Point.


  1. Gorgeous! I saw waratahs at our local grocery shop for the first time last week. Three big gorgeous blooms, though they were quite expensive.

    I saw this post and thought of you too - http://www.laundryetc.co.uk/2010/10/12/foraging-for-rose-hips/


  2. oh my goodness, that top waratah, the wild one, is just stunning. It feels like the most beautiful flower I've ever seen.

  3. I love waratahs too, they are pretty special.
    There are several spots where know to look for them every year, some are in the wild and some in gardens.
    Your photos are beautiful.

  4. Hi Susie! Wow, what amazing photographs! I particularly like the second and third, lovely colours! A print waiting to happen, maybe?! x

  5. The are stunning Susie!
    We have an enormous tree of them in the front of our house. They come out quite faded and then over the weeks they are open the colour deepens. It is like magic and so exciting to watch.
    Have a fantastic day.

  6. The first time I saw wild waratahs was catching the train from Sydney to Orange in about 1991 to go to college. They were beside the railway line and beautiful. How lucky we are to have them!

  7. I love waratahs. They are so queenly. The blue mountains must be stunning this spring. We were just in the flinders ranges here and there were fields of wild flowers.


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