Wednesday 13 October 2010


zinnias = bright
zinnias = lime
zinnia prints
A few people asked for Zinnia prints after I shared them last week :-) They are now in the Madeit shop. Printed on A4 they can be trimmed to A5 size (top) for framing or left with a larger border. Miss A wants one too, framed for her room to match the turquoise walls she has planned. (It will be on Etsy later too, just email me if you're international).

Also new are Giclee print Ruby Slippers in regular and the all new BIG print size (yes, its really cool)!!! Its been a while coming, but with the sad loss of the Gocco printer its finally time to change over. Luckily the quality is fantastic and virtually identical to the original. Apologies for the bad photos but the colour of shoes is almost impossible to capture.

The first BIG print is headed for little Ruby's room, just in time for Ruby's arrival in December :-)

Ruby Slippers large print


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