Monday, 25 October 2010


vanilla biscuits
Such a lovely bunch of entries in my choose your own adventure Giveaway, thank you all! Apologies for this late post but I had such a lovely busy weekend, lunch with some lovely girls started with breakfast at a friend's, a long lazy yum cha lunch and then coffee and cake at another friend's café.

In the Giveaway, the Red Filigree/Strawberry Red Rick Rack was clear favourite with 19 votes, though the Bottle/Aqua combo was a close second and all six combinations had their fans :-)
I would love to send prizes to everyone but Mr Random Generator has picked just one winner, number 41 which is Belinda! Belinda could you contact me with your address and I'll send out your prize, Belinda chose the Rose Chrysanthemum/Red RickRack combination :-)

The other day wandering around the creative spaces of others I came across some yummy looking biscuits and a beautiful crochet flower (amongst many other things!). By coincidence both bloggers, in response to my questions, generously shared their secrets with me and the blog world. Look here for Luisa's vanilla biscuit recipe (faithfully reproduced by the boys and I over the weekend, above, yum!) and Christina's crochet flowers pattern (this is her photo here, you know what a dyslexic crocheter I am!). Thanks you both so much for sharing.


  1. Congrats winner and those biscuits look delish!

  2. I think I'll have to try those biscuits too! They look great. Thanks for mentioning the crochet flowers. I hope the pattern is easy to understand and you'll be showing us your crochet flowers in no time!


  3. LOVE, love, love your blog header! Just great!

  4. Susie, your bikkies look absolutely gorgeous! So glad you got a chance to try them!
    (so madly want to learn to crochet!)

  5. Those bikkies look a bit of a concern. They'd be lucky to last a day around here! And congratulations to Belinda - she is a very, (very) lucky chook...


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