Thursday 8 May 2008

My Etsy front page

The other day I was wandering through the Treasury pages of Etsy, as you do, when the chance came up to make one. I quickly put together some of my favourites which all seemed to be red. so I topped it up with some beautiful red things I found in search and called it 'Beautifullness', I know, dreadful name but you have two seconds to choose, unless you've thought about it before and I hadn't even finished the treasury, that's my excuse :-)
Yesterday evening I came back to check it and what a nice surprise, I'd made the front page. I missed my 15 seconds of fame but it was nice to know all these lovely things were noticed.
I'm especially pleased that there are some Australians in the mix: the lovely Mizu Designs, I have one of her lovely dragonfly prints, AuntyCookie with one of her delightful fabric pieces and Howlindoggie from Sydney, if you haven't seen her beautiful japanese silverwork designs they are really beautiful.


  1. Great treasury! I love red too...

  2. you're an absolute star for organising (and getting) that treasury! and front page too :) i was really flattered that you included my ikebana print. thank you.


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