Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Tea Towels!!

I've had such a nice day today, woke up to find a lovely mention of my Ruby Slippers print on the tinyhappy blog (thanks Melissa) and a few resulting orders then spent the afternoon making microwave paint pictures with my sons' year one class (yes, two sons, they are twins :-)
I will post a bit more about this tomorrow but it is a simple project I found on the internet and used for the art classes which a friend and I have volunteered to help at.
Then this afternoon I sent off a parcel to a new shop opening in June, more on that later!
A great happy day. So I was inspired to list this new offering to the FlowerPress shop. Something I have been dying to do for a long time - textiles.
These beautiful 100% linen tea towels are screenprinted with my designs.
Above is Filigree (I actually designed the image, exposed the screen and printed this one all with my own fair hands).
Available for the first time today in my shop. First buyer gets a bonus Ruby Slippers card.


  1. I like the tea towel. It came out really nice.

  2. Thank you {again) Tina for your wonderful encouragement :-)


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