Tuesday 5 August 2008

Giveaway Winners!!!

First off, I wish I could give prizes to everyone. What lovely comments you all left :-) And I've had another browse today through some of your beautiful blogs, such a creative bunch too.

As suspected the red Filigree design on unbleached linen was the most popular... but only by one vote. Second with nine votes was the white on unbleached linen and a close third was the blue on white.

To make choosing the winners easier, and totally fair, I used the random number generator which came up with these two names.

The winner of a tea towel of their choice, Ruby Slippers and Teapot cards is... (drum roll)
. Check out her cute Etsy shop with beautiful vintage wares.

Runner up and winner of a tea towel is:
maeve duval who has a most beautiful blog full of wonderful typography and photography.

Thanks again to all for joining in. I will do this again, its been fun and a good way to celebrate this milestone. If the winners could contact me with their addresses I'll send out the goodies asap.


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