Wednesday 20 August 2008


Just had to mention quickly that I've had some lovely press recently.
Thanks to Ez from Creature Comforts for posting my peony swatch in her Decor8 guest blogging. I really admire the way she pulls items together and this post gives a hint on her process.
I've also used favourite images to extract colour profiles and get some sense of what looks good but she takes it further and develops a palette to choose design elements which will blend well together.

Thanks also to Carina who posted a great mosaic of tea towel love including my Filigree tea towel. Made me think about using green next time round...

Oh and congratulations to all the talented Australian designers being featured on Design Sponge. It makes me really proud to see so many of our wonderful and inspirational designers being featured in this clever series. I've discovered some amazing new faces in the Melbourne series.

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  1. congratulations indeed!
    your work most certainly deserves tons of attention!



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