Thursday, 18 December 2008


I recently heard about ABC Science show Catalyst's Ladybird Survey. They are asking people to photograph their local ladybirds and send them in for a sort of Ladybird Census.
Sounds like a gig for my new macro. This poor unsuspecting couple were just pottering around the back garden when the paparazzi hit! One nice thing I discovered is that these are both native Australians. I've long been fascinated by the different patterns and Catalyst have a gallery so you can identify your own.
p.s. Thank you everyone for the lovely birthday wishes :-)


  1. Hey there

    My sister passed on your link. Enjoyed reading your blog and seeing someone else who got a little excited about the ABC thing with Ladybirds.
    I have been keeping a lookout in my garden, but haven't managed a pic as yet.

    Your pictures are wonderful. Will visit again...


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