Friday, 5 December 2008


My tea towels have taken themselves off to Adelaide for a holiday. The lovely Carly and Amy from Nest Studio shop (and Umbrella Prints) are showing them a high time in that beautiful city so if you are an Adelaideian (?!) go and say hello and buy a couple (your kitchen will be happier)!

Isn't this treasury beautiful, I was a little disappointed when it made the front page but without me, my tea towel had already sold. I do love it though and I wanted to show it here. Some people are so clever with their styling and colour choices, this one is by KiraFerrer. I love the little girl in her bonnet, though I think that was sold prior too.


  1. I am heading down to Nest later this week and am hoping your tea towls don't sell out before then. A lovely picture tile:)

  2. Thanks Julie, I'm jealous, I'd love to come too!


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