Saturday, 20 December 2008


Etsy treasury, originally uploaded by flowerpress.

The bags are packed, the presents wrapped :-) We leave tomorrow on our two day road trip up the coast to my parents' place for two weeks with my family. Happy Holidays my friends :-) I wish you a happy Christmas, if that's your thing, but lots of happy times whatever you are doing.
(p.s. Can you guess where this image comes from, I made it from screenshots of that little kaleidoscope gizmo that grows while you are waiting to view the treasuries! I think it looks like xmas snowflakes.)


  1. Have a lovely holiday! (Very pretty image.)

  2. And a lovely holiday to you too my friend :-)

  3. This is so lovely! Have a very Happy Christmas and a really creative 2009!

  4. hope you've had a wonderful christmas - the snowflakes are lovely ;-)


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