Wednesday, 18 February 2009


I've told you about Kiva before. I wanted to share Hilaria's story with you (what a beautiful smile!) which I came across on the site this afternoon and which really touched me (she lives in Peru).

Hilaria is a 28 year old woman, simple and hard-working, and mother of four children, Abraham is 14, Edwin is 8, Yudith is 3 and Jose is one year old. She lives in her own adobe home and wants to get ahead. In her small adobe room, Hilaria knits the most colorful handicrafts on the market. She sells them at the Laguna Temporal esplanade (Market where there are fairs in the city of Juliaca) where her customers make arrangements to be at every Sunday and look to buy her novel designs. During the 2 years in her business, the most difficult task for Hilaria has been carrying her work to her sales stall, since she lives far from there. She knows that this is not an impediment to her reaching her goals and someday having a crafts store.
She enjoys knitting very much and the more she knits the better she feels, also she can this way pay for the education of her small children, which she takes care of with much love. Hilaria has 4 loans with MFP and is very punctual with her payments because she does not want to give her community bank any problems, for she feels very happy with it and know it will help her get ahead. The 1500 soles which she is requesting will be used to buy more yarn and this way she will increase her merchandise and will be able to better supply her sales booth.

Translated from Spanish by Laura Bobbit, Kiva Volunteer

Now if I could only work out how to get some of her beautiful knitting...

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