Friday 20 February 2009

photo fun

I've been meaning to post about two of these photo manipulation sites for ages. Then today I saw another great one on Jena Coray's site Bone and Branch blog. The website takes photos and gives them the TiltShift treatment which makes them look like miniature models. Very cute. Check out the Flickr group for more. This photo is from my trip to Vietnam.

I love this Japanese site too and I just realised for the first time that there is a page with the instructions in English here. It takes your photos and makes them look old. Like reproductions from a fifties schoolbook.

This last one is especially cool, considering that polaroid might be gone forever. The Poladroid application which is free to download takes your ordinary shots and poladroids them. Cute name. Cute pics. Check out the Flickr for this one too.


  1. Love these! I havent seen the last one -something new to play with...thankyou! hope you are well

  2. These are great! I will be having a little explore later today over a cup of tea. Your flower pictures are beautiful. I especially love the yellows in the last.

  3. I'm really glad you like them, they're fun aren't they! You both take such beautiful photos I bet you make something fantastic.


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