Tuesday 18 August 2009

craft revolution

The other afternoon on the Sunday Arts program they showed the Melbourne Craft Cartel who are, as they say on their website, 'Saving the world with Crocheted Explosives'. Their current project involves French Knitting sticks of dynamite to protest the Gunns Pulp Mill development proposed for Tasmania's Tamar Valley.
As someone who is in strong opposition to this development, and its effects on the local environment, and with a house full of small people who love a craft project, this was a natural fit. And I had all the necessary ingredients - red wool, toilet roll and ice cream sticks already. We now have two of these running and are well on our way to our first two sticks of dynamite. And how cute are they!

Follow the link to make your own, and if you want to join the cause they will be collecting until October. For the cleverer crocheters there is a great grenade pattern and instructions on making a full bundle of TNT.
I'm afraid my poor camera is a bit sick at the moment, as you can see, its off to the doctor soon, or maybe time for a new one... I'm a bit sad about that.
p.s. For more information about the Gunns Mill and why people are opposed to it, see the Wilderness Society's campaign or go to community activist site GetUp.

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