Friday 14 August 2009

i love - embroidery

For quite a while I've been loving simple graphic embroidery in original designs, here are some of my favourites.

tiny happy (above)
Melissa's simple embroideries are tiny works of art. Her colour sense is always perfect too, muted calm and natural. See her Flickr set for more of these exquisite pieces. Most of them are made on linen too, which I love.

kristen doran
Textile designer Kristen has recently made some wonderful embroidery patterns based on her designs. I love these simple one colour embroideries with their lovely graphic feel. Buy the peacock design, and her great fabrics, from her shop.

polka and bloom
carina's eye for colour is what always stands out for me. I love the colourful embroideries she's been making recently. And she also sells patterns of her embroidery designs. See her site for details.

states of nature
Local printmaker Simone Madigan (I love her doily brooches!) posted this vintage embroidery piece recently under the heading 'Op Shop Heaven'. When I saw it I was as green as the fabric it's sewn on. Visit her blog to see more.

p.s. My two sold out designs are the White Filigree design on unbleached linen, and the Aqua Blue Chrysanthemums design on white linen. These two are my favourites so I love that they've been so popular. I have just one Orange Chrysanthemums and one Blue Filigree on unbleached towel left too.


  1. thank you for the kind mention.
    i'm not surprised those teatowels have sold out.. they're beautiful!

  2. Mmmm thanks for the inspiration! I stocked up on embroidery thread (and a cool new storage system) awhile back and have since been frozen with indecision about where to begin! Can I also suggest Polka Dot Bunny for some cool patterns ;)

  3. Thank you very much for including me in such fine company, Susie! :-)

  4. I love this type of simple graphic embroidery too. I am really keen to try it out myself one day.

  5. such beauty here!
    i am so in love with embroidered linens, and am a big fan of melissas!


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