Thursday, 7 April 2011

my creative space - collection

Do you remember my collection of blue and white pottery which I showed back here,  inspired by Poppytalk's Collecting Nature theme. A while ago I sketched some of the pieces with the intention of painting a small watercolour study. Its taken a while but on a trip to the wonderful Tilly's art supplies shop the other day I remembered to buy some new brushes and yesterday I finally sat down and added some colour to my piece. It was so nice to sit and paint, very meditative. I haven't done it for a long time.

The scanning has killed some of the subtlety of the painting I'm afraid, watercolour is a hard medium to capture. The shading of the original is more delicate and fine and the colours too. But I'm inspired to do a larger piece based on the original photo. I'm not sure if I'll stick to watercolour though or go back to my old favourite gouache. (I'd love advice from the painters amongst you about scanning or watercolour if you have any tips.)

I haven't had a chance yet today but I'm dying to head over to Kirsty's and see what everyone's is making, its always so interesting.

And of course I will be back tomorrow to draw the winner of the PRINT GIVEAWAY, I'm looking forward to it, so if you haven't entered yet you still have time. Just leave a comment saying which print you'd like to be in the draw.


  1. LOVE it :) It would make beautiful fabric too, don't you think? And yes, I get that too with my watercolour drawings - the scanner just takes something away which is why I often photograph them and post the photo instead. Yours look divine though - I can't even imagine them looking even better :) Kx

  2. i bet it looks v nice in real life! i usually take a photo and do the tweaking process on my computer at the later stage. You are probably right on the medium too, especially ultramarine blue. Happy creating! x

  3. beautiful! i agree with kylie re fabric.
    i usually scan then up the contrast a little and sometimes taking out a tiny touch of red {using curves} really helps. let me know if it helps. . .
    yup, i got an {eeek!} epson!

  4. Such pretty idea Susie! Love love blue and white ceramics.

    I agree scanning watercolor is tricky, like Belinda I usually play with curves in photoshop. But I personally love to see the texture of the paper so I deliberately go easy on lightening overall. Hope that's helpful. : )

    Have a great weekend. x

  5. I'm almost certain I have a piece of the bottom left pattern :)

    It's a lovely composition, the way you've arranged the pieces.

  6. I can easily imagine you utterly absorbed in that sort of detailed business. Beautiful, possum.

  7. This is gorgeous. And I just popped over and entered your giveaway, too. What fun!

  8. Wow, that's such a beautiful painting! I've got a bit of a green pottery collection...


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