Saturday, 9 April 2011

Spring Colours Week

poppytalk spring coloursEmmaLambmosaic
I loved joining in last time for Poppytalk's themed Nature Collection Flickr group so I was really excited to look through the submissions for their Spring Colours Week and add some of my own photos.
Over consecutive days this week we all added our take on the spring colours in order from green, yellow, pink, lavender and finally white. Did you join in the fun?

I was excited when Jan featured some of my white pictures on the Poppytalk blog yesterday and then in the white mosaic. And I loved it when I saw another of my pictures on Emma Lamb's lovely blog in her roundup of the week. To check out individual credits follow the links. Can you guess which are mine?

Apologies for the delay in choosing a Giveaway winner. I had some more boring stuff to sort out yesterday before we go away next week. I promise it will be drawn and announced here tomorrow. Looking through and sorting the comments yesterday I was feeling a bit sad that I can't send prints to everyone, so many lovely friends and followers have joined the fun and some new faces too! You know I would if I could right!

Just now we're getting ready for our birthday sleepover - six ten year old boys camping in the backyard overnight. Think of us, won't you!?

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  1. Hope the sleepover goes great and it is not raining for you (it is here in Melbourne)!

    Rach x


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