Tuesday 27 September 2011

embroidery thread bobbins

bobbins bobbinsfriendship braceletbobbinsbobbinsfriendship braceletbobbin

Its holidays here and a bit of mooching around the house is in order followed later in the week by a couple of days away from the big smoke, walking along a beach and collecting shells.

The other day Miss A found some wool scraps I'd collected together and started plaiting them for bracelets, then moved on to our embroidery thread stash. We found a good tutorial online for a simple card loom (which makes that eight strand cord with the leaf charm) and she's having fun choosing different colour combinations for these simple friendship bracelets.

We soon got sick of untangling all my embroidery threads though so I decided (finally) to make these simple thread bobbins out of spare card. First I looked at some examples online and then made myself a template which I've added below to share (or here at full size). I printed them on paper then held them against the card and cut them out, but you could easily print them straight to card depending on your printer. I think they would make a nice way to recycle cards as well, the green bobbin is cut from the back of an old birthday card. They only take a couple of minutes to cut, I ended up doing two at a time, and the feeling of satisfaction is wonderful when the tangles turn to neat bobbins. On top of that they are much easier to use and simple to store so you can see all your colours at once.



  1. I used to love making friendship bracelets from my mum's embroidery threads, these are gorgeous! And so organized. ;)

  2. Oh Susie - snap! I have made my own bobbins which look exactly like yours for my ribbon collection. Doesn't it transform them?! J x

  3. Nice idea! I was only searching for embroidery thread tonight in my tin and thought what a mess it was. Some really fun designs with those bracelets. Did you use an online tutorial?

  4. These are nice but not sure how I can use it as you have disabled printing from the full sized version.


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