Thursday 29 September 2011

my creative space - shared

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I'm enjoying sharing my creative space this week. A few projects have been completed including this reversible eye mask made by Miss A, and a matching mask for her well loved and faithful friend Moose.

The chocolate brioche are by (aspiring Junior Master Chef) Master D, who wanted to make something 'different and hard'. These weren't too difficult but had a few different stages, some yeast and some rising, and best of all have a square of melted chocolate inside each one. They are perfect for this classic school holiday weather we've been having - wind, cold and rain.

I'm just hoping the wet passes before we hit the road on Sunday. Otherwise I might have to pack a few more creative projects to take along.

The upside though of this rain is that every time I look out the window I see spring springing, and I know this much needed rain will help those little green shoots grow.

More creative spaces, shared and otherwise, here.

(p.s. brioche recipe from Taste but actually I think I prefer the Artisan no knead Brioche recipe I used back here: next time I'd use that for the dough and steal the chocolate bit from Taste! Fussy aren't I!


  1. Wow, there have been busy lil bees at your house!!

  2. You guys have been so busy!
    Loving the eye masks - and those choc brioche look delicious! (would you be able to blog the recipe too - sounds like a great one for the kids)x

  3. Gorgeous space - thanks for sharing. Love the bit about Junior Masterchef!

  4. What a great creative space!! Love the masks (and fabric), chocolate brioche and the photos of the flowers.. very inspiring :)

  5. I love the eye masks, I been meaning to make one for myself for a while. Your Springy photos are so beautiful!

  6. Here's to sunny travelling weather for you! Very impressed with the brioche and eye masks. Some things run in the genes. :)

  7. Geez you lot do fabulous School Holiday. And yes, I keep looking out the window pondering that half camping notion...

  8. That's proper baking! Very impressive.

    ps. Eventually got round to The Poisonwood Bible and have just finished it. You were right. Remarkable. I think it was the title that made me resist it for so long.

  9. I love the eye masks, too cute! the brioches look so yummy :-)

  10. Bursting with goodness all of it and I thank you for inspiring me to get out the camera and catch some of the spring action abounding in my pocket of the world.

    Safe travels.


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