Sunday 18 September 2011


pax pax pax pax pax

I think the naming of these wardrobes is ironic, though I am happy to say that my marriage has survived the last two days of Ikea assembly... just. That is a sketch of me above, midday on Saturday, I think the illustrator has captured my expression quite well.

I am a (re)convert to the Ikea cause though, but I think before I attempt any more I might need a little rest. Amongst lots of 'why didn't we do this sooner?' revelations we have been packing away mounds of stuff into those wonderful shelves and drawers and hangers and shutting out the mess. The kids all have storage now, and next up is us.

But what I really popped in here to say is that Show & Tell is back this Tuesday. Miss September is a real favourite and you are going to love sharing more about this lovely girl! Please come back then, and in the meantime, thanks for the pillowcase love. I'm going to work out some US and UK measurements I think, so that everyone can have their own pillowcases. Mine is on my bed and giving me lots of happiness!


  1. Looking at that first photo fills me with dread... but then I had to chuckle about Miss September!

  2. Ha ha ha... Great post!!! I think all new couples should be given some furniture from Ikea to put together and see if they survive!! It's such a test... If you can put it together without any physical injuries to each other (or killing each other) then I really think you will be able to get through life together!! We have put together/pulled apart...put together/pulled apart and put togther a cabinet many times and we have survived... phew :)

  3. Oh the flat pack! Happy to hear your marriage is still in tact. As for those pillowcases - love, love, love them x


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