Tuesday 6 December 2011

baby quilt

Bricks sewingbaby quiltBricks sewingbaby quiltBricks sewing

I didn't mean to start this baby quilt. I'd pulled out my Bricks prints and some coordinated fabrics from the stash to make zip purses. And then I found the offcuts from a FQ were a neat five inch width. I cut a couple of squares and then found I couldn't stop! I kept reaching for another fabric to see how it would look against the others and ended with enough squares to make a small quilt. Its the cutting that has always put me off starting another quilt, but this was quite painless. I only needed a few blocks and they are all the same easy size. Perfect for some of the small pieces I had lying around and too much fun putting all my fabric designs together. The quilt is over half Flower Press fabrics!

From there it was a quick make, squares together in rows, rows together to make the quilt top. I had flannel for backing and batting in the stash and found the things I learnt making my last quilt soon came back to me. I had the right equipment from last time too, quilt pins, rotary cutter, quilting ruler and 1/4 inch sewing foot. They really make such a difference especially that sewing foot!

Its smallish but I see it as a playmat as well as a quilt. Something that can be used lots of ways and easy to carry around. I like the idea of it being used a lot.

I haven't bound it yet. I'm not sure I have the right fabric in my stash and other commitments are crowding in on me. Luckily the baby this is made for isn't coming till late January though (!!), so I have time up my sleeve, I'm thinking a spot or a stripe.


  1. What a gorgeous little quilt!
    It must be so satisfying to use so many of your own fabric designs.
    Andi x

  2. love your fabric combo-and i know what you mean about starting something new when you have a zillion other things to do!

  3. What a beautiful happy quilt! You must be so pleased to see all your gorgeous fabrics printed and come together like this! Lucky baby. :)

  4. very cute quilt!! loving the colors!


  5. Gorgeous. Love all the colors!

    Have a nice weekend!

  6. This is just the happiest quilt! Absolutely gorgeous.


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